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MIA/K9 Search.  JTFFA.  Searching for Missing American Solidiers, Vietnam, 2003 .


Welcome to American Patriot K9 Training

 "Most dog owners are at length able to teach themselves to obey their dog."  
                                                                                                  - Robert Morley. b 1908


Thank you for considering American Patriot K9 Training.

My training focuses on positive reinforcement based on praise and reward.  Whether you are a first time dog owner looking for help with obedience training for your pet dog, or a professional search & rescue K9 handler, I am delighted to help you become more proficient with your dog!

Each client and his/her dog have a unique pairing of personalities and goals for the future.  For this reason, I carefully create a training plan that is individually tailored to suite the needs at hand. 

I have the pleasure of traveling locally and across the country providing training and certification testing to various K9 search and rescue teams.  At AMPKT, some of the training and testing we provide have been in the following scent disciplines:  Disaster Search, Disaster Cadaver Search, Wilderness Search, Water Search, Trailing, Article & Land Cadaver Search.  

Our broad range of services include one-on-one sessions for domestic clients and classes in K9 Search & Rescue.  These classes include evaluations and personalized training.

I truly enjoy what I do and I look forward to working with you and your dog!

After years of working with service dogs for specialized law enforcement and teaching K-9 training workshops all over the country, I used every form of dog restraint available! I am now using and endorsing the Pro-Leash Dual-Length Leash System exclusively.